Nine Liquid Incidents

IMG_6011I’ve just returned from a few days break in Sydney.

I felt desperately in need of some visual and sensory stimulation (must be all those orange road cones in Christchurch getting on top of me!) and I wasn’t disappointed.  Flowering scented Frangipani, lush tropical foliage, thundering birdsong … not to mention the food.  The food was so good. Consistently.

Favourite Italian A Tavola.  Best coffee Harry’s.  Best breakfast Bogey-Hole Cafe.

But perhaps the highlight of the trip for me was the  ‘You Imagine What You Desire’  exhibition at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art and specifically Roni Horn’s Liquid Incidents installation;  nine glass sculptures scattered on a concrete floor, each one creating the illusion of an endless, bottomless pool of water.  It was almost impossible not to touch the surfaces of the pale blue and grey coloured glass castings which were utterly mesmerising.  I felt like I was literally being drawn into the water.

Steve Carr’s Stretching Time Exhibition

IMG_5573Steve Carr Transpiration 2014 screen capture detail.  Courtesy of Steve Carr and Michael Lett

This floral image has been on my mind ever since I picked up the LOG20 booklet last week at my favourite city cafe C1 Espresso. I love the subtle combination of colours featured within these giant suspended dianthus so much that I am tempted to hop in my car and drive down to Dunedin to see for myself Steve Carr’s Stretching Time Exhibition at the Public Art Gallery.


Transit of Dreams Exhibition 29 August – 8 September

Rachel will be showing a couple of her artworks in the Harbour Arts Collective’s opening exhibition at pop-up gallery Tin Palace in Lyttelton.  ‘Transit of Dreams’ is a group exhibition and will feature works that respond to the theme of dreams, fantasy, illustion or imagined reality.

Rachel’s works are ‘Atavistic Memory’ and ‘We Are All Creatures’.

The exhibition preview will be at 5.30 – 8.00 pm on Wednesday 28 August at The Tin Palace, 13A Oxford Street, Lyttelton.