The Rose Hip Girl

The Rosehip Girl copy resizeThe Rose Hip Girl Illustration by Rachel Thornton

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Rose Hip Wrapping Paper Design Carousel Flora Design

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Rose Hip Table Decoration created by Carousel Flora Design

My Sally Holmes and Margaret Merril roses have been flowering profusely since October but are now outnumbered by the vibrant display of ripening rose hips;  green through marigold orange to tomato red, some as plump as miniature pumpkins on stalks and others fine sprays of the tiniest hips.  Each rose variety produces slightly differing hip characteristics.

The once-humble rose hip takes centre stage in the wreath we created for an autumnal table display.  Massing one material once again produces the impact we wanted.

3 Botanical B&W Rosehips resize blog 650Rose Hip Illustration Rachel Thornton

Launching our Carousel Girl stationery

Horizontal view of Carousel Girl cardsRachel and I are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new Carousel Girl stationery range, available to purchase right now.

This series of 5 is just the start.  More to come later in the year as Rachel creates a whole new range of these beautifully-attired girls who love nature and love gathering.

Individual cards are priced at $5.50 each or packs of the 5 designs are available at just $25.00.  Contact us to make an order or come and visit us at Culverden on 31 October, where we’ll also have beautiful cotton tea towels with the same designs available.

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Celebrating nature’s unsung heroes

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Styling using only one material  is not just simpler than arranging a mixture of flowers and foliage, it actually creates drama and far more of an impact.

Experiment grouping the same ingredient in vases with a similar colouring or form.  This way you can really observe and appreciate the humble materials from your own garden rather than spending money on flowers flown across the globe which can look a little out of place in our own homes and somewhat artificial.

The many different varieties of rose hips work well in this way.  As with any gathered material, brush off any dirt or dust first and remove leaves from the stems.

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