A Misty Blue Wreath for a Baby

Mistry blue wreath resize blog 650Misty Blue (limonium)  wreath created by Carousel Flora celebrating a new baby’s arrival

I have to admit that I didn’t gather this beautiful limonium myself but discovered it displayed at a local growers’.  Thrilled to bits, I snapped up three huge bundles (extravagant I know!) and rushed home with the design for a wreath formulating as I was driving.

I already had a wreath base modelled from wisteria vine culled during earthquake renovations that would probably be perfect. This simple honey coloured base was something quite special even in its bare, undecorated form and I felt strangely attached to it.  But a baby had been born and I needed a large and elegant base to attach the limonium to.  So I swept my sentimentality aside and set to work.

Three bunches of limonium later and here it is.  Despite my original plan to retain one bunch and hang upside down in my bedroom it was not to be!  It’s often the way making a wreath.  You can never imagine quite how much material it will take!

I kept the long stems visible to accentuate the wreath’s flow and  I found this made the wreath look really contemporary and not reminiscent of something you’d find in your grandmother’s bathroom!

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