Rachel and Sally. Two friends drawn together by a shared passion (some may say obsession!) for floral design, styling, art and food.

Sally … ‘I have loved flowers for as long as I can remember.  Watching a flower’s life cycle unfold from delicate young bud to the faded beauty of its eventual decay, fascinates and captivates me.  And colour.  I am instinctively drawn and moved by colours I see around me.  Subtle and muted combinations permeate into all that I do.   And gathering together around food.   I get such deep pleasure experimenting with new recipes and sharing food with my family and friends. Check out our new food blog Carousel Cooks Realfood which celebrates exactly that. Life before Carousel Flora Design …..editorial and television commercial production.

Rachel … ‘Ever since I was a small child I have gathered.  Gathering is the beginning of the creative process for me and I especially love to discover the potential in materials that no one else values or wants – Old man’s beard or yarrow if it’s floristry, dandelion leaves, cleavers and chickweed if it’s food. I love the challenge of making a meal from nothing .  I love the satisfaction of creating a painting using off cuts of wood the builder has thrown out or stripping the plastic wire off leftover electrical cables to create crocheted baskets.’  Life before Carousel Flora Design … exhibiting and practising artist / tutor.

Gathering and foraging for natural materials is the cornerstone of Carousel Flora Design’s resourceful, sustainable philosophy.  Whether salvaging storm-damaged branches of copper beech to style interiors or events, weaving hedgerow vines into natural wreaths or sculpting outdoor installations from recycled fence wire, our inspiration comes from nature and the materials available to us in our environment.  Many of our illustrations, paintings and stationery reflect our passion for gathering and the changing seasons.

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